Please allow us to introduce you to our fully functional yet visually pleasing range of robust kennels. These kennels provide comfortable, safe and secure living conditions for your dogs. Your garden is finally safe from those eager paws and their landscaping abilities.


For the technical minded amongst you – rest assured, the frames are made of steel, with either 5 cm or 8 cm diameter steel pipes, strong wire fence with 5 cm x 5 cm holes or wooden boards. Our modular construction ensures easy assembly, with the ability to be completely flexible, you can arrange living accommodation to match your dogs needs. You can even enlarge the kennels in the future should you wish to do so.

 Our kennels meet the highest European standards, the construction and dimensions are in accordance with the European Council directives, and all materials used in the manufacture are safe for animals. All kennels are equipped with flooring and roofing as standard. The floor consists of boards attached to the wooden beams. Wood is impregnated with preservative chemicals deemed safe for animals. Roofs are made of tinplate



Kennel doors open inwards only, leaving you in complete control of who goes in and out. No more escaping dogs!!



Contact with dogs can be minimised where required, thanks to a rotating hatch for feeding.




We can provide help in designing a kennel to match your requirements. We can also discuss your shipping and building requirements too